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the blonde behind the tb&tb

In 2015, The Blonde & The Bay was born from an idea to begin my own creative venture...


houser sporthorses

A retired FEI dressage horse, and two roping horses...


saddle up & contact us

Business inquires? Questions or comments? Care to reach out to me? Let's get started.


hi there, and welcome!

Nine years ago (wow!), I created a space on Instagram to freely share adventures with my horses on social media separate from my personal account. My writings produced an incredible community of wonderful people, and here we are today. 

The Blonde & The Bay is my creative diary where I share the journey of my dressage lifestyle alongside equestrian fashion, lighthearted content that'll make you chuckle, and all things in between. The blonde, the bay, one team-roping horse turned dressage horse, a red-headed cowboy... What began as a platform centered around my bay mare has now slightly shifted into highlighting a new chapter of my story. From FEI centerlines with my heart horse to navigating the "what's next" of dressage life, I'm so glad you're here to follow along.


the blonde AND the bay instagram

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