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Spring 2019 Favorites

Lately, the mood around the blog has been heavy... intense... serious, which is great because I've hit on topics rarely spoken about in the dressage, or equestrian in general, community. I decided I needed to lighten things up around this place! What could be better than curating a few of my favorite things for the upcoming spring season, and sharing them with you? It's the perfect little breeze of fresh air.

As my life takes shape with Barrett, I've transitioned The Blonde & The Bay in more of a "lifestyle," direction of which I've mentioned on the Instagram. Just to clarify once again, lifestyle for me does not mean perfectly staged photos with expensive name brands. Lifestyle embraces showing my followers what items I'm actually using on a daily basis, why, and how you can do the same. Each item on the list is a pick that is actively being utilized in my everyday life, not things that I'm coveting from tack shops or Nordstrom.

So, without further explanation, let's chat about my top picks for spring 2019!

1. Dear John Denim

Formally speaking, the Rosie Flare Delmar Jean. My fellow tall dressage riders, these are for YOU! If jean shopping is anything like breech shopping, you know how difficult it can be to find the right fit, more specifically, the right length. I recently took the plunge, finally letting go of the jeans I've been wearing for the last 9 years and sought out a couple new pairs of D.J.D. To say that they are the lightest, most comfortable pair I've ever slipped into would be a severe understatement. I also find them to be quite breathable, which is perfect considering how bloody hot Texas can be during the spring and summer months. Compared to other brands, I find D.J.D affordable; designer quality on a (relatively) budget friendly scale. For size reference, I wear a 28.

2. Ariat Unbridled Isabella Slide

My DM inbox explodes every time I post a photo wearing these shoes. While I can't find my exact pair, these are super similar in cactus design. Ariat really isn't just for boots and half chaps anymore, my friends. I wear these bad boys to the office, to the barn, to ropings, or out and about with jean shorts or skinnies. They're comfortable, and the perfect counterpart to the basic sneaker. I do recommend you size up, especially during the warmer months when feet tend to swell. Don't ask me how I know. For size reference, I wear a 10.

3. Z Supply Tees

A closet staple, Z Supply tee shirts have become my spring (and summer) uniform. I have a plethora of assorted colors that I've happily collected over the last year. Airy and light, these shirts don't cling to your body; a huge plus when the weather gets warmer. In case you're wondering, like I was before I entered the world of Z Supply, the shirts are a blend of cotton and rayon. I love the versatility they provide; you can dress them up, you can dress them down. For size reference, I wear a medium.

4. M-61 SuperSoothe E Microdermabrasion Scrub

Spring is the ideal time to allow our skin to recover from the harsh winter's cold. I've explained before that I am a huge skin care freak and adhere to a strict routine. It's important! I use this scrub twice a week; it's become a game changer for my face. Let's be real, I can't afford to go to the spa once a month for a facial. This product is the closest I've come to those types of results. The mask combines white kaolin clay with natural pumice to gently cleanse pores, soften and smooth your skin, and exfoliate away dead cells. No harsh chemicals, nada. I've been using the scrub since Christmas, and I've noticed in a huge difference in my overall skin appearance. 10/10 recommend.

5. Eqyss Marigold Equine Rehydrant Spray

Just like us humans take care of our skin, our equine partners deserve the same attention. If your horse is anything like Leah, then combating dry, flaky skin that occurs when the temperatures rise is a reoccurring dilemma. I always have a bottle of the marigold spray in my tack locker, and use it regularly after riding. The spray clears up Leah's gunky patches that seem to form on her hips and the back of her stifles, regardless of how hard I try to keep the spots clean. While I do apply the spray almost everyday, I make a conscious effort to be diligent about repetition in the spring to prepare for what summer has in store. Plus, have you smelled this stuff? It's ahhhh-mazing.

6. Romfh Isabella Full Grip Breeches in Sea Green

Ha, I just now noticed that we have two "Isabella's" on the list. How fancy. I make no bones about the perfection that are Romfh's breeches. They're honestly a favorite in every season. But, they've made the spring pick list because I do adore the new color, sea green. Can you imagine this on a chestnut? I can. Plus, they are crafted with Softtouch™, which is a technical micro-PU fabric. Romfh is basically the only brand of riding pant that can compliment my height. They don't bunch, they don't gap in the waist, and they don't restrict my ability to move in the saddle. If you're currently on the fence about making a Romfh purchase, just do it. You won't be sorry. For size reference, I wear a 28 Long.

7. The Herbal Horse Heal Quick Salve

You won't find my tack locker, or Barrett's tack room, without the company of Helen's Heal Quick Salve. In fact, this reminds me that I need to restock our supply before spring fully blooms. I've been using Heal Quick for many years now. It's a magical product. I find Leah is more susceptible to nicks and scrapes during the spring because her fluffy winter coat has shed away. If you are unaware just what Heal Quick is, Helen has formulated a salve enriched with natural oils. It also reduces discomfort or burning that might come along with the healing process. Confession, I shamelessly use it on myself.

8. puriyou Glass Water Bottle

I've made an effort to eliminate items from my life that can or could potentially cause some sort of harm in my future. I'm by no means an alarmist, but more of like an educated consumer. As someone who has always opted for metal tumbler's as my source of popular drink ware, I began to hear the faint gossip that this material wasn't necessarily the best. I found the water I was often drinking had a residual metallic taste. Yuck. Enter the world of glass water bottles! I picked one up over at ol' reliable Amazon, and I'm excited to see if there is a difference. My bottle should be arriving tomorrow, actually. I love that I was able to select a 1 liter size, and that the cap can be tightly screwed on. No arena dust or barn dirt sinking into my supply!

9. doTERRA Ginger Oil - Zingiber officinale

I don't need to remind you all how important it is to hydrate everyday, but especially during the warmer months, right? This doesn't mean drinking two glasses of water and calling it a sufficiency. You can catch me drinking upwards of 3 liters a day! Recently, I've been adding two drops of doTERRA Ginger Oil in my water. It breaks up the flavorless monotony, that's for sure, and encourages me to keep hydrating. Adding a pop of pizzazz to my daily H2O intake isn't the only benefit of ginger oil... it helps support healthy digestion! A total win win if you ask me.

10. Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner

To any horse person, the first sign of warm weather means a serious soapy bath is about to go down. This holds true to me, despite Leah's preference of wearing the latest in pee perfume. Yep, I went there. I love Cowboy Magic, and like the other tack locker products I've mentioned, have been using these for years. The shampoo leaves her coat feeling so soft and clean without stripping the natural oils that form beneath the hair. Her tail soaks up the luscious conditioner, allowing a brush to easily glide through the strands, no breakage to be detected. She's as shiny as a fresh copper penny after her Cowboy Magic baths! A spring essential, hands down.





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