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Don't Call Me Lucky

Yesterday was a big day for The Blonde & The Bay. After posting the newly coined Gelding Mantra via my Instagram on the inaugural day of January, I launched the phrase in t-shirt form! This has been a long-awaited creation, perhaps even more so for me than my followers. After the success of the Mare Mantra and Mare Person, the urge to tap into a whole new demographic was repeadtly slammed closed after countless attempts of trying to rhyme any single word to “gelding.” That’s hard, by the way, unless you enjoy melding with your gelding??

FINALLY, I took a step away from all rhythmical ideas and alas, the Mantra was born into what it is now. While it might’ve taken over a year, I couldn’t be happier with how it finalized. Reading your responses yesterday in the comments on the IG made my heart explode with fulfillment. It’s always a nerve-wracking experience, launching a new piece of merchandise for the first time. You want everyone to love the item as much as you do and appreciate the countless hours behind the scenes (and the financial investment) it took to produce. Luckily, I’m blessed with the most glorious Instagram-family. You all never cease to amaze me.

Going into 2019, I made the resolution that I would put my creative platform first. This is my business, and I pour my heart and soul into creating content, staying transparent about AA life, and crafting fun merchandise because it’s my passion. Never did I think that posting pictures alongside my journey with Leah would lead me to where I am now! The Blonde & The Bay has provided opportunities and friendships in which I never would have had the chance to establish anywhere else. I hope this is true for you and your platform as well.

Having said this, I’m excited to share two slices of fun news. First, a couple of weeks ago, I announced on my Instagram that I would be in Wellington, Florida come the last weekend in March. To say that I can’t wait is a strong understatement! Visiting the Global Dressage Festival has been a bucket list item since… well, forever, so I knew it was time I bit the bullet and made it happen. This will be a great time to network and meet some of my followers, a goal I set out to achieve this year. Because you all are at the centerfold of all that I do with the blog, The Blonde & The Bay has Media Accreditation for GDF Week 13! Sharing this entire trip with each of you is the bottom line. I fully intend on writing (and posting on the IG) about all the happenings from my POV and I hope to include some fabulous behind-the-scenes information. Inspiration abounding, my gut feeling is that this is going to be a good one. Is it March yet?

You can order your Gelding Mantra by clicking HERE.

Next on the checklist: more merch. I’m branching out from shirts and dipping my toe into another venture. Think socks with a wildly popular sock company. Can you guess? This is a brand new idea that is just in the beginning stages, but like I always say, stay tuned my friends!

In efforts of keeping this blog post short and sweet, I’ll finish on a motivational note. I encourage each of you to find your passion and pursue with the most fury. Life is plum too short not too. In my realm, I’ve always felt that I’ve bounced between careers, finally settling on real estate because it was the most financially beneficial option. While this might be true and I do love the industry, it’s not what I foresee myself flooding much heart into. Social media, writing and blogging, graphic design, merchandise creation is where I find my joy. I wholeheartedly love everything about The Blonde & The Bay.

This is just the beginning for my creative outlet.

It’s crucial to note that none of anything would be possible without Leah. She is the source behind all of my fiery inspiration.

This venture hasn’t always been easy and there have been more times than I can recall in which I’ve wanted to delete everything. Needless to say, I’m quite glad I didn’t. Working tirelessly to build my brand has been utmost rewarding. The business doesn’t have set hours; you can find me either on the computer or on my iPhone well into the late night. My e-mail dings frequently, whether it be about brainstorming threads on new collaborations or reviewing graphic design rough drafts. My mind rarely stops churning up phrases, blog topics, clothing options… my oh my! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shonda Rhimes embraces my mentality within this very relevant quote:

“I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.

Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.”

Hustle hard, lovelies.


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