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The Blondes & Their Bays: Gift Guide Edition

Two years ago, my Instagram-bestie and contributing blog writer, Emily, and I put together our first holiday gift guide for the stylish dressage aficionado. It was a huge hit, and we featured some great small companies within our post. We're back this holiday season, curating the ultimate guide for our followers. I use the word "ultimate" lightly, as there is no shortage of gift guides floating around social media, but what makes our guide unique to the others is how we present our picks.

This year, our guide consists of my picks and Emily's picks which are both budget friendly. Then, we selected our "splurge" items, followed by what Leah, Pavi, and Wishbone would most likely ask Santa (ahem, their humans) for. Most of the items we have chosen today come from companies run by women; women in equestrian business deserve a holiday in their own right!

So, without further ado, we present to you The Blonde's & Their Bay's 2018 Gift Guide Edition!



1) City Girl Equestrian - Horses & Wine 12oz. Stainless Steel Wine Cup - $24.50

If you're a dressage rider, you most likely drink wine, and your dressagie friends most likely drink wine. In fact, you probably drink wine together. So, why not give this tumbler as the perfect gift this holiday season? I haven't found a reason not to yet. This cup is also available in multiple color options, but the silver is my favorite.

2) Mare Goods - Artwork Prints - $25.00

These prints stole my heart the moment I laid eyes upon them. I adore artwork such as the Mare Goods prints; they're perfect for adding detail to a home office or bedroom. My favorite is the "Lovey Print" (bottom left corner), as this would be the ideal present to give a close friend.

3) Spiced Equestrian - Horseshoe Phone Ring Holder - $19.99

Just mildly obsessed with these horseshoe phone ring holders from Spiced Equestrian. You don't know how handy these things are until you actually own one. In my opinion, they're the perfect present for any fellow equestrian instagrammers... or any horse lover in general. Just saying.

4) The Herbal Horse - Skincare & Beauty Products - $12.00 to $16.00

There isn't a chance in heck that I wouldn't include The Herbal Horse into one of our gift guides! I'm usually always promoting their equine products for Leah, but I'm changing things up and adding two of their human beauty products to the list. Why not give the gift of self-pampering this holiday? Little "beauty bundles" are something I'm going to give this year... I'm paying forward the idea. My selections? THH Bath Soaking Salts and Aloe Vera body lotion, which comes in a selection of soothing scents.

5) Millbrook Leathers - Leather Spur Covers - $40.00

I personally own a set of the Leather Spur Covers from Millbrook - in Navy, of course - and I can't say enough good remarks about them. The covers saved my brown tall boots from turning black due to spur rubs, and the subtle pop of color completes my daily style. Affordable, practical and utterly precious, any equestrian would be excited to unwrap these babies. I also need a pink pair.

6) The Burlap Pony - Equestrian Collection Decor Pillow - $25.00

Okay. Alright. Listen. How cute are these pillows? They're fully customizable, and they're $25.00. Does it get any better than that? To me, personalized gifts really show someone special you put thought into making the right selection. I know would absolutely love one of these pillows representing Leah - we'd have to add the unicorn horn of course. Bravo to The Burlap Pony! Pro tip - if you plan on ordering one of these, I would go ahead and do so. Custom gifts take time to create, and no one wants a late Christmas present if avoidable.

7) Dreamers & Schemers - Unicorn Socks - $17.95

For those who are unaware, I love unicorns. I have unicorn wine glasses. I have a unicorn keychain for my car. Unicorns are my spirit animals. Nothing would make me happier than owning a pair of unicorn socks, which is why I fully support you giving them as a gift. Dreamers & Schemers is my choice for all the whimsical patterns. These certainly have my heart!

8) Hound & Hare - Mackenzie & George Tetbury Belt - $95.00

Hound & Hare is one of my favorite boutiques. They're known for curating brands that represent British luxury with southern charm. Eric and Amy also graciously featured my shirts during the US Dressage Finals, so adding them to our gift guide was an obvious decision. Most of their items do retail on the pricier side, but this gorgeous mini cheetah print belt is the perfect addition to any stylish dressage rider's wardrobe. While this belt could be considered a splurge, you cannot go wrong with placing it under the tree this Christmas.

9) The Blonde & The Bay - Mare Mantra or Mare Person Tees - $28.00 to $30.00

You guessed it. The last item on my list of picks are my Mare Mantra and Mare Person shirts! You know I couldn't pass away the opportunity to add them, simply because they make the perfect present for every mare lover on your list. You can shop the shirts directly on the blog, but I'll make it easy and add in a link.


Equestrian Stockholm Bordeaux Dressage Saddle Pad paired with the Light Weight Jacket and Fleece Bandages.

Saddle Pad - $80.00

Fleece Polo Bandages - $48

Jacket - $179.95

My splurge would have to be my favorite set from Equestrian Stockholm. This rich Bordeaux hue is one that I think would look smashing on Leah... I'm drooling just by looking at it. ES products are top of the line, making the splurge worth the price as these items will last for years to come. You can shop this entire look via Centerline Style, so I will link their website below.


EquiPad Equestrian - Navy Brushing Boots - $69.95

I'm sure Leah much rather have a bucket full of peppermint twist candy for Christmas, but in addition, she would also love a new pair of boots for daily work. EquiPad caught my eye a few months ago and I haven't heard one negative review yet. I'm staying away from fleece lined boots this season as they are difficult to keep clean and not conducive for Texas summer heat. The EquiPad Brushing Boots are crafted with strong neoprene, leather, and mesh paneling, perfect for breathability. A navy set is going on Leah's wishlist - they're also customizable for no extra charge! They're available at a great price point with multiple color options. I, naturally, am opting for the navy... Go figure.



1) Grey Horse Candle Company - Early Morning Hack Scent - $18.00

I’m a candle lover and you can find them all over my house. The Grey Horse Candles come in all kinds of horse themed scents and make great gifts. They are affordable and come in cute mason jars. I have the Trail Ride scent next to my bathtub and I’m dying to try the Early Morning Hack and High End Saddle fragrances!

2) The Dressage Chronicles - Novel written by Karen McGoldrick - $17.55

If you have a dressage rider who loves to read on your list, you must buy them this book. It’s the first in the Dressage Chronicles series and follows a working student as she navigates this industry. The author is a USDF gold medalist trainer and judge so her knowledge of our world is extremely accurate. The characters in this book (both human and equine) will be similar to those in your own barn. Everyone I have lent this book to loves it, no matter their age or level in this sport, and I highly recommend it.

3) Snaks 5th Avenchew - Pony Donuts Collection - $25.00

Fancy treats are something that seem too extravagant to purchase for myself, but I absolutely love receiving them as gifts! Snaks 5th Avenchew has the cutest treats on the market. The pony donuts can be appreciated by everybody or you could personalize according to who you are giving them to depending on what they enjoy. I would love the coffee cup shaped treats and I think someone needs to get Maddie the margarita shaped treats, because let’s be real, the horses will gobble these up no matter what they look like!

4) Ellany Equestrian - Elastic 2" Belts - From $38.00+

The elastic belts form Ellany Equestrian are becoming popular in hunter/jumper land and I have a feeling we will start seeing them pop up on DQ’s near you very soon. I’ve noticed breeches gravitating towards wider waist bands and therefore, wider belt loops. Ellany Equestrian offers their elastic belts in the 2 inch size, perfect for the new style of breeches, and you can pick your color, style of closure and type of metal. The elastic material makes them super comfortable for riding. The best part? They are one size fits most, so no need to worry about offending someone by purchasing the wrong size!

5) Black Knight Accessories - Rider Wristlet in Chocolate Brown - $65.00

Confession – this item is slightly over budget (sorry!) but it’s such a good gift that I just had to include it. I am always looking for places to stash my cell phone while I’m riding and it never fits in my breeches pocket. These wristlets attach to your belt which makes them perfect for taking your cell phone, keys, extra treats, etc. with you. I could especially use this when I’m heading out on a trail ride. It comes in a variety of colors and you can even personalize with a name plate.

6) SmartPak Equine - Medium Diamond Dressage Saddle Pad - $19.95

When you want to get something a little more personal, you can’t go wrong with a customized saddle pad. SmartPak offers very reasonably priced pads, for less than $20, and the largest selection of monograms and graphics around. I have many of these pads with my monogram, Pavi’s KWPN breed logo, even the ‘naughty bay pony’ graphic that was basically made for Wishbone. You can't go with the rider’s name, the horses name, your discipline graphic… the possibilities are endless.

7) Society Wit - Equestrian Collection Nail Polishes - $9.00 per bottle

Society Wit has come out with a collection of equestrian themed nail polish and I think it’s a genius idea. This is the perfect present for barn friends or for stocking stuffers. The ‘saddle up’ color is especially gorgeous for the holiday season.

8) Hunt Seat Paper Co. - Notecard Sets - $4.99 to $19.99

I am someone who still believes in snail mail. I love to send written thank you notes or letters to older relatives that aren’t so good with the Internet. Hunt Seat Paper Co. offers greeting cards and notecards with a simple and sophisticated equestrian flair. They come in a set of 10 and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their designs.

9) Dressage Extensions - Dark Horse Chocolates Dressage Box - From $21.95

Chocolates are the perfect gift for so many people. The Dark Horse chocolate company offers yummy treats with a dressage motif, which makes them extra special. Consider this for your barn manager, farrier, trainer, or anyone with a sweet tooth.


PS of Sweden Marthe Denim Breggings paired with PS of Sweden Emerald Kate Sweater.

Marthe Denim Breggings - $99.00

Emerald Kate Sweater - $79.00

How gorgeous is PS of Sweden’s new line of rider clothing?! The denim breggings (bregging = breeches + legging) have a silicone seat, large pockets, and 4 way stretch. I would pair them with the Kate Sweater which has the best elbow patches. The emerald color would be a wonderful complement to my bay boys.


PS of Sweden Emerald Exercise Rug - $139.00

I make my long suffering (please note my sarcasm), pony ride in all types of weather and I know Wishbone would appreciate this gorgeous exercise rug from PS of Sweden. Bonus points for getting the emerald color to match my sweater. If you are really into matching then feel free to add the emerald saddle pad, polo wraps, fly veil… the possibilities are endless!


Accuhorsemat - $399.00

If you haven't heard about the Accuhorsemat, it's an acupuncture blanket designed to reduce any muscle soreness or alleviate pain. Pavi, being the older gentleman that he is, makes this blanket his pick for Christmas this year, as I love to pamper him on a daily basis. He totally deserves it, too! This blanket can be purchased through SmartPak Equine.



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