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The Dressage-y Wish List For Any Queen

We've officially reached the most festive time of year again, readers. Cue unlimited Christmas carols, movies on the Hallmark Channel, decorations abounding, and more importantly, seasonal Starbucks cups.

Gift guides seem to be the topic of choice across the blogosphere, and of course, Emily and I had to jump on the holiday bandwagon. Emily and I do love Christmas, however, our enthusiasm for the occasion far surpasses the fluff and pomp of all that surrounds December 25th. For those of you who do not know, Emily is not only a wife, but a mother of two young boys, Charles and Thomas, and while I'm not yet married with children of my own, Leah certainly has earned her position as my four-legged child. We appreciate more than just the pageantry of Christmas, embracing the meaning of giving and understanding that it's far more rewarding than receiving.

Having said all of this, we've collaborated, putting together our top picks that would make any dressage queen squeal with delight. Each item is under $50.00, so rest assured your bank account can sleep easy this holiday season. At the end, you'll find our "splurge selections," because splurging on yourself or your loved one is always acceptable. Each item is complete with the link to shop, so you too can get your hands on the items we have written about!

Filling Santa's sleigh in 3... 2... 1...

Emily's Picks

Leistner Natural Bristle "Beauty" Body Brush - $36.50

Most of my brushes are from high school and they're something I never want to spend money on. While they are a little rough looking, they are still functional. My mom gifted me one of these brushes last year and they are so luxurious! It’s something I would have never purchased for myself, but now that I have it, it is my favorite brush.

Hunt Club's Grey Winter Scarf - $24.00

This scarf is the BEST, super soft and comfortable! I hate things around my neck (stock ties are the worst) and find a lot of scarves to be itchy and uncomfortable. Not this one though... The infinity loop is really easy for riding too, no worrying about it coming undone while in the saddle.

Nicker Bait Premium Cookies For Horses - Candied Sweet Potato - $12.00

Pavi would have his whole Christmas list consist of these treats. They are his favorite. He has food allergies, so I love that these are corn free and he can eat them without me having to worry. The sweet potato and marshmallow flavor is his number one, but they are all good.

Noble Outfitters Peddie Socks - $11.95

If you ride in tall boots, you will love these socks. They are padded around the foot and ankle, but thin on the leg part. This is great because it protects the vulnerable areas (like where the leather creases around the ankle) but doesn’t add any unwanted bulk anywhere else. They come in solid colors for the conservative rider, or patterns for those who want to have a bit of fun.

Hunt Club "Winter Wonderland" V-Neck Tee Navy - $32.50

Everyone needs cute t-shirts for schooling! Hunt Club has a great selection of affordable shirts, and quickly becoming a blog favorite brand. I picked up the "Winter Wonderland" design last year for my babysitter/barn friend and she loved it! It's a sure fire winner.

Higher Standards Saddle Soap - All Products Under $50.00

A saddle soap that smells great, gets the job done AND supports a small business at the same time... What’s not to love? Any equestrian, regardless of discipline, will appreciate this one. And hello, a perfect stocking stuffer!

Equestri LifeStyle "I Hate Everyone Too" Socks - $10.00

These socks, sold by Equestrilifestyle, are definitely for adults! Do you have someone in your life with a good sense of humor? I know a few ladies that would fit the bill for these hilarious socks.

The Herbal Horse Organic Lip Balm - $3.50

The Herbal Horse is such a cool company and I really enjoy their products. These will work for non-horsey friends and relatives too. Take your pick from lip balm to lotion to bath oils and know that you will get a great smelling, high quality gift.


Centerline Style "Will Always Want A Pony For Christmas" Pullover - $45.00

I'm an avid shopper at Centerline Style... From fantastic customer service to an absolutely wonderful array of all my favorite brands, Centerline Style has become my go-to online boutique whenever I'm in the mood to shop. When I first saw this pullover via Instagram, I wanted it. Coincidentally, it fit into our gift guide budget, so naturally, it's at the top of my list. Comfy and soft, this pullover is the perfect piece for Christmas morning around the tree!

The Herbal Horse Coat Conditioning Spray - $22.00 for 32 ounces

Like Emily, I love The Herbal Horse. I stand behind products, and companies (especially us women in small equestrian business!) I truly believe in, and THH is no exception. I purchased the Shine Bright spray for Leah at the beginning of fall, and it has changed her coat dramatically. Everyone around the barn notes how shiny Leah's coat has become on a daily basis! Not only does she smell like a spring flower, the spray helps protect her coat from the winter's elements. Not just for horses, Shine Bright can also be used on your pup. Basically, you need this, and it also makes the perfect gift!

Roeckl Chester Glove - SmartPak Equine - $46.95

What dressage queen doesn't love a new pair of gloves? I've yet to meet one. I'm definitely a Roeckl girl, and yes, as snooty as it might sound, I refuse to ride in anything else. Roeckl's outperform any other glove I've tried; comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear, they allow me to fully feel the reins and Leah's contact. Plus, they come in an assortment of colors over on SmartPak. The best part? They fit our $50.00 and under budget! Perfect stocking stuffer.

LeMieux Leather WrapRound Bell Boots - 20x60 - $39.25

There's something timeless and elegant about LeMieux. Perhaps it's their clean lines and sophisticated colors... I haven't decided yet. These wrap around bell boots are perfect for any dressage fashionista and her noble steed. The leather is just drool worthy! 20x60 is another brand I've loved for several years now; they've also become my go-to, especially when I'm on the hunt for something very unique. These boots fit that bill.

EC Equestrian Custom Stirrup Covers w/Trim & Piping - $15.00+

You all know how much I simply adore Elizabeth and her business, EC Equestrian, so it's a no-brainer something from her shop would be on our list! If you're looking for the perfect token of appreciation, how about a pair of custom stirrup covers? Elizabeth can bring any vision to life - from fabrics, to colors, to patterns - you name it, she can design it. The stirrup covers are affordable, precious, and allow for a custom option without paying big bucks. Sign me up!

Snaks 5th Avenchew Pony Pops - $13.00

Okay, seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THESE? If you're not following Snaks 5th Avenchew on Instagram, you're doing Instagram all wrong. I've had my eye on this emerging company for quite sometime, and if Leah had a Christmas list and opposable thumbs, she'd be adding these right away. S5thA prides themselves on creating wholesome treats for both horses and dogs with a playful twist. This is so something I can get behind, and I will definitely be ordering a few of these Pony Pops for the princess!

C4 BELTS - In The Irons Tack - $27.79+

C4 BELTS are a huge hit at the shop. We frequently find ourselves placing reorder upon reorder. The nice thing about these belts is that number one, the assortment of colors and patterns is amazingly overwhelming and number two, one size fits all. In order to size, you simply cut the belt to length. They're the perfect gift option for that reason!

The Mare Mantra Tee - $35.00

Of course, I couldn't resist adding our Mare Mantra tee! It's really the perfect gift for any mare owner in your life. Our tees are 100% soft, breathable, and comfortable cotton. They fit true to size and are flattering for any body type. Ideal for tucking into breeches, of course! The best part? You can buy the Mare Mantra tee right on the blog!

THE splurges

Emily's Selection: Le Fash Navy/White Plaid Sport Shirt - $215.00

My splurge pick is the Le Fash Sport Shirt. These shirts are so stylish, sophisticated, and make you look sharp in the saddle. Talk about a sleek silhouette! What makes them really special though is that they don't sacrifice comfort for fashion. They are soft, breathable, and move with you. Any "DQ" worth her salt will appreciate this lovely addition to her wardrobe.

Madelyn's Selection: Samshield IconPack - $249.00

Take a look at this beaut, I'm already swooning. The Samshield IconPack is at the top of my list this year, not because of its gorgeousness, but because of its practicality. I'm known for carrying just about my entire life from the barn to the office, and especially around the horse shows. My favorite feature happens to be the pocket specifically designed for a laptop! The backpack comes in brown or black, but I'm opting for the brown this year. It's stunning, and will make any dressage queen happy.

Happy shopping, fellow dressagies! May your holiday festivities always be bright and joyous!


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