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The Blonde & The Bay is Live!

They say that nothing in life is worth having or worth doing unless it involves effort or some degree of difficulty. However, if you are pursuing something you are passionate about, then you really don't work a day in your life. That is where you can find me - a dressage rider with a hankering for creativity intertwined with the love for my horse and sport.

A few years ago, the concept of The Blonde & The Bay was born. Personally, I thought it was a precious "identifier" for myself and my mare. I didn't have a clue as to where this concept would lead me. I only knew that I wanted to eventually build off of the idea. Flustered and overwhelmed with failed brainstorming attempts, I laid the thought to rest and proceeded with everyday life.

Fast forward to the past handful of months. During the beginning of summer, I launched my Instagram account (@theblondeandthebay_), with much credit to the positive encouragement from one of my dearest best friends, Bailey Nolte. Much to my surprise, my Instagram gained popularity rather quickly. This sparked the metaphorical fire to bring new vigor to The Blonde & The Bay.

Right now, there are so many wonderful websites, blogs, instagram accounts, and other social platforms that are designed to target the general equestrian lifestyle. After many relentless hours of research, I was left with this conclusion: I couldn't find one specifically created with the dressage rider or lifestyle in mind. Living the "dressage lifestyle" has been my normal for the majority of my life. I am so passionate about every aspect that composes the way we live - from the healthy food we fuel our bodies with to the exercises that help us become stronger and more fit. Sourcing out the latest style and fashion trends for the arena would be considered a great passion of mine, as well. I love it all.

My favorite part of this lifestyle? My incredible bond with my incredible horse.

But that is a given

Photo by Bliss Pics Photography​

Alas, my years of stewing and thinking finally transpired into something rewarding. I knew which direction I wanted to take The Blonde & The Bay towards. With a sweeping amount of inspiration from my Dutch Warmblood mare, this project is a compilation of many different factors that define the dressage lifestyle. I love to write... and it is virtually impossible for me to think of another topic that I would love to write about more.

The Blonde & The Bay is my version of a creative outlet. On this blog, you will be reading about style and fashion, food and fitness, lifestyle, products, and helpful tips you'll want to add to your arsenal - all relating to dressage. Just call me your lifestyle guru. That seems appropriate... right?

The production phase of my creation has been a true labor of love. I never dreamed that my once scanty idea would evolve into such a meaningful feat. And it all started while I was cleaning my mare's stall.

So surreal.

In closing, I would like to thank all the readers who stop by The Blonde & The Bay and read what I have written for you. I am so thrilled to continue building the blog! May my writings provide you with vast inspiration and creativity. ​Enjoy!


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